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We get up in it and hit it harder then De La Hoya I thought I told you soldier draws Cover my balls, Um known for rippin the pussy walls I heard you got that kill I can see all in yo grill Can you ride me like a black Mercedes? I see you winding and grinding up on that pole I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know I wanna fuck you, you already know I wanna fuck you, you already know Shorty I can see you ain't lonely handful of nggas and they all got cheese so you looking at me now what's it gonna be just another tease far as I can see trying get you up out this club if it means spendin' a couple dubs throwing bout 30 stacks in the back make it rain like that cause I'm far from a scrub you know my pedigree ex-dealer use to move phetamines girl I spend money like it don't mean nothing and besides I got a thing for you. Apagar playlist Tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? Do You Wanna Fuck. You gotta check out.

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And make me do that shit I never did with other ladies? You can get it from Granpa Gametight She looks at me and she says. And kiss you in the places light won't show I'll take my time and do it slow I'll do my oral exercises Right between your thighs It's all very pleasurable I'll go places he won't go Lets keep it on the low-low So he won't know Now lets take it to the floor Chorus. I Wanna Love You. I would take you to heaven in our bed room fight Is it a first class flight, we taking off to night And we ain't landing until we see that sunshine light It's aight if you want me to slow me down What the fuck? Niggas wanna fuck my wife Niggas wanna take my life But its so hard Big Pun It's so hard rollin' with the squad We like gods, catchin somethin at the bar, the bar, the bar Then spit bars in Miami Almost came home with the grammy Next year, bringin home 3 for the family Watch me, you can catch it live on the Hitachi Poppin shit like a Nazi, iced out like Dee Piassy Fuck that, Liberachi, 4X Versace Somebody stop me Never that, hey yo where my niggas at Uptown uptown, you know you feelin that Cash rule, hardcore you can dance to That nigga Biggie give me [One more chance] Take a glance and I'm off with yours With both hands rip off my drawers and drape me like the Source Awards I love hip hop, I ain't even probably the best lyricist alive Terror Squad niggas stop sleepin' What you say your name was again?

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