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About how we make each other better, not some selfish neuroses our mom and dad hammered into us. At some point, Buffy eventually discovered that Spike had been resurrected and, according to Willow, had followed several leads to ensure the information was valid, but simply couldn't find the time to contact him. Like, a whole lot. Cordelia - "Oh, you mean 'cause of how the only guy that ever likes her turned into a vicious killer and had to be put down like a dog? Kakistos also draws attention to the scar over his right eye, saying that "she will pay for what she did to me. Spike declared that he knew she would never love him, but she treated him like a man and that was enough for him. Unwilling to "help her boy," Faith dove into a nearby passing truck, as Buffy helplessly watched her being driven away.

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While Buffy's primary relationships were with Angel and Spike, she has had many other romantic encounters through her life, though all have been relatively short-lived.

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Someone to gif this scene! When he told her what had happened with Riley and sincerely apologized, Buffy forgave him and was grateful he had come. When Buffy was called as the new Slayer, she had made a habit of lying to her mother and hiding slaying from her for a long time. When Buffy yells at Faith, the latter merely says that she was doing her job and walks away. Given his tense relationship with Riley, Buffy declined his offer to help her against Adam and asked him to leave Sunnydale, but was nonetheless grateful and amused by Angel's jealousy of Riley.

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