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Suzette learns of Peter and Valerie's love, telling Valerie she too did not love her husband at first, but learned to love him — that she had loved another. That night, as Daggerhorn celebrates their apparent victory over the Wolf, Peter, frustrated by Valerie's rejection of him, deliberately dances and flirts with Rose to make Valerie jealous. Later, when the Wolf attacks Daggerhorn, Valerie attempts to find Peter, but he appears to have vanished. When Valerie learns she can communicate with the Wolf, which has brown human eyes not unlike Peter's and insists that Valerie come away with it, this eventually leads her to suspect Peter could be the Wolf, attempting to get revenge on the town for separating them. They are interrupted by Henry, who publicly confronts Peter and blames him for causing his father's death. There is an appalling lack of shirtless pictures of Max Irons. Peter separates from them moments before the Wolf attacks and murders Adrian.

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However, it is supposedly cornered by the men and killed, though in truth they only killed an ordinary wolf.

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Although there were moments in the film where I felt he was slipping back into his old Transylvanian accent from the film. I think the movie wrong-footed itself immediately by beginning with such a different focus than the book. Valerie would often sneak away to see him and they once hunted a rabbit together. Oldman, of course, is great as the unyielding Wolf Hunter Father Solomon, and brings a tension that livens up the film. The universe should work on that. Valerie follows him and, after a brief altercation, they admit they still love each other.

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